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Members of the National Society of Pershing Angels have many opportunities to show their leadership skills, give back to the community through service, and most notably DRILL.

Pershing Angels can be members of all branches of the military.  NSPA values sisterhood, scholarship, service, leadership, personal and professional development, physical aptitude, and DRILL! 

Being a part of a sorority is an experience that offers young women the opportunity to learn about herself and her sister to her left and right.  In addition to being supported by your local alumnae unit. Pershing Angels is special.  While traveling during various ROTC or military training sessions a Pershing Angels woman has the benefit of having a sister to connect with, no matter which unit they came from.

In addition to having sisters during collegiate years, membership offers a wide network of sisterhood both in the military and in civilian ranks.  These network connections help in achieving personal or professional goals.  When moving around the US or abroad, finding a sister, developing new friendships, and possibly joining or beginning a new alumnae unit in your area are all possibilities. 

Overall, Pershing Angels offers many opportunities for women who are either pursuing a career in the military, enjoy and have a passion for drill & ceremony, want to serve those in need, or want to learn and gain leadership skills which are valuable and relevant for women today.

  1. We have a passion for drill
  2. We believe in the military and it’s values.
  3. We inspire each other and choose to impact our communities.
  4. We are leaders.
  5. We like to have fun while doing all of the above!


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