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In November of 1962, an important step toward unification was realized at the Pershing Rifles National Convention.  The Coed Affiliates of Pershing Rifles (CAPERS) was formed.  After that convention, CAPERS operated on the National, Regimental, and local levels and Pershing Angels continued to expand and prosper.  In the mid 80’s, the National Society of Pershing Rifles began accepting women members, and all the CAPER units were assimilated…all except for the Pershing Angels units.

The National Society of Pershing Angels was founded at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland on February 9, 1965 as the sister unit to the National Society of Pershing Rifles.  Other coed affiliates of Pershing Rifles formed across the nation during the early 60’s.  By 1966, Pershing Angels was the only one of many similar groups that could be found across the country with the same ideals and activities, but with different names.

With a continuing philosophy of faith in the inherent good judgment of the undergraduate membership, National Society of Pershing Angels has remained steadfast throughout its history, forward to the continued growth of a sisterhood which keeps pace with the ever changing nature of the collegiate world. 

Each year on February 9th, undergraduates and alumnae celebrate Founders Day, honoring the women to whom each chapter of National Society of Pershing Angels is directly indebted for the establishment of our sisterhood. We honor them for the fine ideals and purposes which inspired them.