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8th Regiment

Don't see your school listed below? 

There are a specific set of procedures that Pershing Angels follows when identifying a school to start a new unit. This process is called expansion. To learn more about our expansion process and how to bring Pershing Angels to your college or university, click here.

Where we've been
  • K-8, Seton Hall University – (D, C)
  • N-8, St. Peter’s College – (D, C)
  • Q-8, Hofstra University – (D, C)
  • R-8, St. John’s University – (D, C)
  • A-5, Penn State University (Altoona) – (D, C)
  • B-5, Penn State University (Univ. Park) – (D, C)
  • P-5, Youngstown University – (D,C)
  • Q-5, PMC Colleges (Chester) – (D, C)
  • K-5, University of Pittsburgh – (D, C)
D, P/A – Denotes a deactivated NSPA unit
D, C – Denotes a deactivated CAPER affiliated unit